• Catalyst (MEKP)


A general purpose, methyl ethyl ketone peroxide (MEKP) used for curing polyester resins and gel coats, otherwise known as hardener.

Available in a variety of sizes to suit the different quantities of resins and gel coats available.

Catalyst (MEKP)

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'A' Drip Trim

'A' Drip Trim

GRP Roofing Facia Trim - Drip Trim200mm girth drip trim with 90mm facia in a 3m lengthFits to t..

£17.40 Ex Vat: £14.50

Catalyst Dispenser

Catalyst Dispenser

Automatic Catalyst Dispenser Polyethylene bottle with graduated pouring spout for safe, accurat..

from £10.80 Ex Vat: from £9.00

Disposable Syringe

Disposable Syringe

Plastic Disposable Syringe graduated for accurate measuring of catalyst in small quantities. ..

from £0.60 Ex Vat: from £0.50

Calibrated Pots

Calibrated Pots

Calibrated Plastic Pots for accurate measurement when mixing liquids like resins and gel coats with ..

£0.72 Ex Vat: £0.60

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