• Finish Kare Edge Wax 68

Formulated specifically for FRP and cultured marble industries where a flange or edge wax is required to assist in the prompt and easy release of the part.

  • Edge Wax is a semi-paste and it incorporates synthetic waxes into a system that forms a film that is virtually unbendable when applied as follows.


  • Apply 3 consecutive coats of #68 Edge Wax.
  • Allow each coat to dry before applying the next one.  
  • Apply 2nd and 3rd coats to all flanges, corners, edges and areas where a gloss is not required.

This builds up a wax surface that will produce multiple releases and should then only require periodic application unless the area is marred when pulling the part.

Re-apply the Edge Wax to affected areas and a thin coat all over to get an even film.

Volume US Gallon

Finish Kare Edge Wax 68

  • Brand: Finish Kare
  • Product Code: EDGE-WAX-01
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