• Duratec High Gloss 904

Manufacturer's Desctipion

  • Contains Air-cure resins and additives eliminate the use of wax and PVA creating a superior finish.
    • Makes gelcoat spray like paint
    • Can be blended 50:50 for air-cure or 25:75 to improve flow and surface (still needs wax)
  • Eliminate low-gloss areas on the edges of repairs the low-gloss donut often seen in gelcoat repairs
  • Reduce Porosity in tooling gelcoat. Improves air release thus preventing porosity
  • Better profile: as compared to un-modified gelcoat or gelcoat with wax and styrene
    •  Easy to spray from HVLP Spray Guns.
  • Greatly reduced yellowing: Gelcoat patched with Styrene and Wax
  • Contains special additives to prevent UV-induced yellowing and gloss loss.
  • Faster and Easier Repair: The air-cure blend created with Duratec 904-001 and gelcoat cures fast and hard, creating a shiny smooth surface that is easy to sand.
    • Faster Repair
    • Eliminate the gummy surface seen with wax and styrene
    • Prevent the dull surface seen with wax/gelcoat blends
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Duratec High Gloss 904

  • Brand: Duratec
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