SP Epoxy Resin is a simple to use multi-purpose epoxy system. Suitable for gluing, coating, filling & laminating. It has rapid curing properties even at low temperatures. Mixed with SP filler powders it can also be used as an adhesive or a filling compound.

Price (ex VAT) VAT
SP 106 Epoxy Resin - 1kg Pack £25.00 20%
SP 106 Epoxy Resin - 3kg Pack £55.00 20%
SP 106 Epoxy Resin - 11.8kg Pack £180.00 20%
SP Microballoons - 0.3kg £25.50 20%
Microballoons are hollow, low density resin spheres, which when mixed with SP Epoxy Resin produces a lightweight, sandable glue. Particularly suitable for gluing wood due to its reddish-brown colour.