CASTING and MOULD MAKING CASTING and MOULD MAKING Our range of casting materials have been selected for high quality results. Our extensive range of casting materials and mould making materials includes: clear casting resin, metal powders for a metallic finish, metallic jewels for a decorative glitter finish, Jesmonite acrylic composite suitable for casting and laminating and also various types of rubber for mould making purposes.
COLOUR PIGMENTS COLOUR PIGMENTS An extensive range of polyester colour pigment pastes in opaque, translucent & metallic finishes. Over 100 colours in stock from the Llewellyn Ryland standard range. British Standard & RAL colours available to order, with a colour matching service also available. Please contact us for more details.
FILLER / BONDING PASTES A range of 2-part polyester fillers, including freefix, reinforced bridger compound, easy sand body filler, smooth & lightweight fillers. All packs come with catalyst & applicator.
GLASS FIBRE REINFORCEMENTS GLASS FIBRE REINFORCEMENTS An extensive range of glass fibre reinforcements for use with our polyester resins. Glass fibre reinforcements are available as: chopped strand mat, woven roving, surface tissue, coremat, fabmat, carbon fabric, kevlar and glass fibre tapes.
MISCELLANEOUS A wide range of ancillary products for use in the manufacture of glass fibre materials: plastic buckets, drum stands and taps, plasticine, clay, masking tape, cellotape, PU sealant, mixing sticks, stockinette, melinex etc.
POLYURETHANE FOAM Our polyurethane foam is available in either a 2-part liquid polyurethane foam or in rigid polyeurethane foam sheets. These versatile foam products have a number of uses including insulation & buoyancy.
PROTECTIVE MATERIALS PROTECTIVE MATERIALS Products to provide protection when working with glass fibre and resin including overalls, gloves, masks and hand cleaner.
RESIN & GEL COATS A wide range of Polyester Resin, Gel Coats and Epoxy Resin. Supplied in various types to suit different glass fibre applications and a selection of pack sizes to suit everyone. All resins and gel coats are Lloyds Approved except reblended.
ROLLERS & BRUSHES ROLLERS & BRUSHES An extensive range of application, laminating & consolidating rollers, laminating & gel coating brushes. Available in a variety of sizes, these rollers & brushes suit all GRP applications.
ROOFING PRODUCTS ROOFING PRODUCTS Our roofing products are part of a specially formulated GRP roofing system, including a base and top coat, and a wide selection of GRP roof edge trims.
SOLVENTS, ADDITIVES & SEALANTS SOLVENTS, ADDITIVES & SEALANTS This is a range of solvents, additives, fillers and sealants for use within the glass fibre industry. Products include acetone, catalyst, filler prowders and G4 damp sealant.
TOOLS & ACCESSORIES TOOLS & ACCESSORIES A range of tools and accessories for working with glass fibre and GRP applications, including knives, blades, sanding discs, wet and dry paper, dispensers etc.
WAX POLISHERS & MOULD PREP A range of waxes, polishes and release agents suitable for all pattern, mould making and GRP applications.